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 Cashew's Teen Drama

confessions of coco nuts is a podcast by coco and her daughters cashew and pea (check out the about us page for more info *wink*)! we talk about basically everything, from current events to makeup to coco's tear-jerking childhood stories (or she thinks lol). 

our awesome podcasts are updated biweekly (for now, at least, hehe). our blogs and adventures are updated whenever we feel like updating them ;) you can also donate to help support us, which would be great!!

check back every once and a while to be surprised with cool, new stuff! don't forget to read the show notes too!


fridays with friends

• a monthly series in which coco brings all of her interesting friends to the podcast to talk about what they do and how cool they are 

cute feedback from you

Congratulations on the launch! I wish mucho success to 3 of the most wonderful ladies I've ever known! May all your time and effort keep you flying high and bring you more blessings than you could hope for! XOXO


You guys are so cute and funny! I'm listening to your Spring Cleaning Episode right now, and am enjoying your conversations! Keep up the great work! 


Meninas to passada com a inteligência de vocês. 😱


Our recent adventures

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