smartphone shenanigans

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hey!! welcome to the very first page of show notes!! i'm cashew! pea and i will be alternating roles on who writes these ((you'll probably be able to tell who writes what lol)), but this time,,, i'll be the one writing it!

in the episode ((which you should listen to 👀👀 it's good trust me)),, coco and i talk a lot about phones and the internet. and memes. because i like memes. my mom really likes sales memes for some reason, but i think that sales memes are just,,, Bad Memes. i guess the marketing world needs memes too so they're not left out lmao.

also my mom really likes seth godin. he's like her inspiration or something. 

a couple weeks ago, i was talking about memes with coco ((honestly, i'm always talking about memes with someone there's no stopping me when it comes to memes)), and i was talking about the "do you kno da wae" meme for some reason and i managed to get my mom to watch it ((which is a first)). she hates the meme. i hate it too. it was literally only funny for like,,,, the first two times i watched it and then i was like "uhhh this isn't funny anymore this meme is Dead."

also [shifty eyes] here's my art insta,,,, y'all should follow,,,,,, 

extra thingamajigs that you should check out [finger guns]
sales memes 
even more sales memes
france banning phones in schools
20% cooler
quick, not smart
opioid drug crisis
milk in bags

so yeah !! that's all i've got for this show notes :00 don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you fancy and maybe give us a follow on our social medias, which can be found here!! have a phone-related meme as a parting gift [insert winking here].


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