the veggie beginnings

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My family and I have not always been vegetarians. It has been a nice long journey of transition. Are you planning on switching from meat? Let's talk about that.

Coco was born and raised in Brazil and she didn't have the best food situation for her family of six. In the podcast, Coco tells a more detailed story about how she had less food and how sometimes she would have to go to sleep hungry. 

Brazil is actually the number one exporter of beef and so it is custom that people eat meat all the time. Because of this, Coco grew up eating all different types of meat. It wasn't til seven years into her life in the United States, that Coco became a vegetarian.

In the podcast, there as a brief argument about white and brown rice and how you can't eat brown rice with Indian food.  I do agree with Cashew that basmati rice is the only good rice and with Coco, that Indian food is AWESOME!

How I feel about the creation of basmati rice

Also, I agree with Cashew when she says that the only good tortilla is the flour tortilla.

Have you tried any kind of alternative ice cream? Have you tried the coconut milk kind or maybe just sorbet? ( sherbet? What's the difference?? )  If you have, did you like it? 

Coco says that every meal should be 60% raw.

I would never take this up for myself. Personally, I don't think the veggies are very fulfilling by themselves. For example, if I were to eat a meal that contained mainly of raw things, I would be full for a bit, then soon, I would be hungry again. Coco says that she feels more full when she eats more raw but not me.

Would you ever consider taking up the habit of eating 60% raw in every meal? I sure wouldn't.

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