friday with mangala

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hey y'all!! it's me cashew !! today is a special episode of our podcast: fridays with friends! it's a series in which coco brings all of her interesting, cool friends to the podcast to talk about what they do and how cool they are! as the title implies, it's every (other) friday, and today is the very first installment!

today's guest is @bohostella, or as my mom knows her, mangala! she's a brilliant photographer and just an all around pretty awesome person. while coco and i were talking with her over skype,,, it was like my mom was on both sides of the line lol. mangala and coco think so much alike that it's almost terrifying.

 mangala lives in san luis obispo, and we even got to visit her back in may 2017!! it's a really nice place,,, kinda reminds me of a cute college town, yanno? she's lived in a bunch of different places before slo, and honestly i thought that my family moved a lot lol (we've moved,,,, eight times? i think???).

apparently it gets cold in california????? like,,, north of san francisco and stuff. according to quora, it gets to temperatures of like... 50-60 degrees fahrenheit, but that's not even cold, bro. where i live (country living indiana) it goes into the deep negatives lol. 50-60 degrees is Nice Walking Weather,, though you'll never catch me walking outside ever.

below are some pictures from mangala's trip to india back in 2013!!

when my mom was a kid, she used to have a bunch of chickens (one of which used to walk inside the house and lay eggs in a hole in the couch) and two roosters. she hated them a lot because they made so much noise in the morning, but sometimes, her dad would put one of the roosters right under her window to spite her. she wasn't a morning person then, and she definitely isn't a morning person now, let me tell you.

also, bananas? bad. normal quinoa? bad. but banana bread? good. sprouted quinoa? good.

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but yeah !!! that's pretty much it for now. this episode was like,, kinda short bc we had A Lot of technical difficulties (as this was our first time recording with skype),, but it was a lot of fun!!! hopefully y'all though so too ;)) look out for our next fwf in two weeks!! as a parting gift,,, have this completely unrelated picture because i have no idea what kinda meme i would put here lmaooooo

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