friday with daniela

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yo yo yo!!! welcome back to fridays with friends, my dudes !!! i'm your host, cashew B)) for today's guest, we've got someone really cool !!! someone that i'm super excited to have talked to!! her name is daniela and she's (lmao get this) an ARTIST !!! which automatically makes her a million times cooler !!! because art does that to a person ,,,, on instagram, she goes by @danielamatchael, and on facebook, she goes by daniela matchael art.

its actually really cool to have an artist come on and talk with coco and i :00 we went to go visit daniela back in november last year, and it was so wild !!!!!! it was so much fun, and daniela let pea and i hang out in her studio for the majority of the time. it was so cool and i really enjoyed hanging out there !!

as an artist (and as a video editor), i take crediting people for their original work very seriously, like imagine.... u work really hard on an art piece, and you're like "ah yes, this is good let me upload this and show everyone this thing that im proud of" and then next thing you know its being reposted everywhere !!! without credit!!!! and the reposts are getting so much more attention than you are !!! even worse, people are claiming that they did the art piece !!!! like !!!! rude !!! it makes me SO MAD yall you have no idea >:(((( 

now............ check out these art pieces like for real

also hey can we make "mooded" a word because i don't think it's a word and i think it would be beneficial to the human race

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bouncin' around
the Bird
do you feel me, dr phil?
that one art piece that coco bought
brazilian favelas

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