who let Wren out?

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hey everyone!!! cashew here B)) welcome back to the podcast B)) 

as of now,, im on my last two weeks of school and i honestly couldnt be happier !!!!!! school is wild and im kinda ready for it to be over lol..... i already finished my whole semester of english !! so i need to start tackling my other.... less... nice.... classes...... like...... calculus......... but next school year im not taking math !! so thats pretty great!!!!!

about the commissions thing !! its up !!!!!!! check this out for more information!!!

pea has so much time on her hands its not even funny lol. she finished her schoolwork in like two hours, then spends the rest of her day being all granny-like and cooking and crocheting and stuff, she's hilarious im telling you

ok so i have three (3) favorite boys; matt from eddsworld, my oc oliver, and my cat wren. below are some pictures of my third favorite boy/angel from heaven when he was first discovered back in august of last year !!!! look at how precious he is i love him

we've had a lot of pets over the years, now that i've thought about it. they've never really been my pets explicitly (more like my dads tbh), but even so... one still gets kinda attached. the first pet i remember having is bailey (a great dane), then we had olivia (we still have her... sorta.... she's not living in our house right now. it's complicated), then we got olivia's daughter, chloe, and then we got wren! the only Surviving Animals lol that we have now are olivia and wren, but my dad has kept a lot of other pets over the years. iirc he's had lots and lots of fish and then two axolotls??? one of the axolotls ate the other recently, and pea named the cannibal axolotl jeffery borington lmao.

ok but yall...... lately ive had the urge to make characters out of wren and olivia?? it would be like a lil comic series with the rebellious adopted son and the soft!! and good!! mother who lost her bio child to a sickness or something and it would just be their shenanigans and stuff and it would be SO CUTE !!! im seriously considering it. as i am most things.

↓ click these or i'll sue (im kidding) 
mowing the lawn in a beekeeper suit
the old oc that i made of wren when he first appeared
when you're cutting fish outside and the stray cats show up
the (very brief) story of the chicken

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