friday with dani

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hey everyone!! it's me cashew !!! welcome back to fridays with friends!! on this fine friday, we've got coco's zumba-teaching friend dani on the scene!! and yes... before you ask..... it's dani as in "daniela," and we already had a "daniela" on the podcast last fridays with friends lol..... but apparently coco's friends all have similar names or something hehehe. they're both brazilian too, so that's really wild !!!! 

it was funny because we went to texas around thanksgiving last year, and both of these brazilian daniela live in texas and the name of their husbands' is michael, so it's like... woah.... x-files theme song plays in the background lmao. i kept getting the two of them mixed up the whole time we were there 

dani doesn't have a public social media channel so unfortunately there'll be no...... cool instagram photo today, which is sufferable i'd assume so here megan doing her thing instead

dani has moved like ??? 3480295872 times ????? i've moved a lot, but certainly not as much as she has lmao !!!!! i think in my life, i've moved like ????? 8 or 9 times? not sure. but dani? she moved about 14/15 times in the span of like a couple years or something

im pretty sure that yall know that im not really an active person. the fact that dani goes to the gym 6 times a week literally blows my mind. like dang. i can barely get out of bed in the morning, much less go to the gym ONCE a week

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so we're gonna be in brazil soon!! therefore, we're not gonna be recording and uploading podcast episodes for yall for a while :0 we're gonna be posting a lot on our instagram throughout the trip, but everything will be back to normal by june 20th! dont get ur panties in a twist if you dont see a new podcast episode up in two weeks lmao....... as always !!! here's ur cursed image !!!! thanks for tuning in yall B)) see u on june 20th B))

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