jungle fever

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hey everyone!! we are Back from brazil and we're livin it up lol 🤙🏾🤙🏾 im actually really happy to be back, as its sooo much easier to talk to my friends at home than it is in brazil lol (when i told coco that, she rolled her eyes)

as yall probably know, we spent some time in manaus before going to fortaleza. it was our first time going anywhere besides fortaleza lol and it was a really interesting experience!! very tourist-y yanno. usually when we go to fortaleza, we just visit family and such, but in manaus there was no family to visit so!! we just went around and explored the place and the forest. it was pretty cool.

also i cant find the ad where the lady is showering with clothes on. i swear it exists. its real im telling u

oh man the juices yall........ so many different once that you cant find in the us!!! there was graviola, guarana, acerola, cupuaçu... they also had guava and, my favorite, passion fruit, and even tho u can find those in other places besides brazil, theyre pretty hard to find i think!!

here's a post from our instagram about the indigenous tribe that we saw!

My highlight of today!! Visiting a indigenous tribe in the #amazon

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if ya wanna see the whole gallery of pics that coco has compiled, click here!!also if u wanna check out the stuff i posted on instagram abt brazil!! check this out!!

bang bang click these links
it's raining, it's pouring
the Balcony (this isnt my picture rip i thought i had one but i dont)
he needs some milk

so yeah guys!!! there isn't rly much to write abt since its all in the podcast lol,, but we're glad to be back!! here's your Cursed Image of the day ;)

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