friday with lynnette

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kachow it's me, cashew, back for ur biweekly fridays with friends show notes!!! originally pea was gonna make a comeback on these lol but uhhh it fell through so lmao here i am.,.,., again.,,,,.,.. always and forever.,.,,.,..

our guest today is lynnette hoffman!! she's the host of the podcast beyond the table, a podcast about foods and cultures around australia (and other places sometimes haha). she lives in aforementioned australia, and she's also an award-winning journalist, which is really cool!!!! she has two (2) instagram accounts, one for her own personal journey (@nomadlynnette), and one for the podcast (@beyondthetablepodcast)!!

lynnette used to live in colorado back in the day (bc shes part of the Colorado Squad Gang or whatever lol), but then she moved to australia!! which is super cool. i've always wanted to at least visit australia, but lynnette and coco kept talking about how expensive it is down there, which is kind of a bummer yanno??

also omg lynnette has the cutest australian accent Ever i swear !!!!!!!!!! personally, i think that accents are the greatest things ever they are so sweet and nice and cute [heart eyes emoji]

check out some of these food pics from beyond the table's instagram!!! idk what half of these are but they look... so tasty like o o f

so lynnette used to have a Dedicated blog, but once it blew up, she completely lost interest. she'd written a guest post for a bigger blog, and it went viral, and she found that she wasn't interested anymore :0!!! i really relate to this tbh?? i used to write a lot of fanfiction, and once certain people read my fics, i just.......... gave up??????? like all my fics are on hiatus i cant even write anything without getting super bored yall. what do u guys think is the cause of this?? why do people do this kind of thing?? why do we lose interest once we've finally achieved the goal we've been wanting to achieve?? let me know!!!

ba bam check these links vro
it turns out that australia is FAKE

thanks for tuning in yalls!!!!!! here's ur... cursed image(tm)

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