the land of the sun

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yooo what's up my dudes!! happy fourth of july to all of u americans readin this rn haha !!!! hope yall have a great day with patriotism and screeching bald eagles and nice exploding fireworks for ur viewing pleasure B)

so in this episode, coco and i talked about fortaleza!! that was the second & final place we went to when we were in brazil and if yall dont know, coco was born there!! one of the biggest differences between the us and brazil i'd say,,, would probably be the amount of malls & shopping centers around???? we went to so many different malls, and they were all in a close vicinity to each other!! they're all suuuuuper big (like 3+ floors) and theyre always so busy w people!! here in the us, there really arent a lot of active/busy malls bc everyone is at home :(( ordering from amazon :((

the grocery store........ in fortaleza........... was WILD I DIDNT LIKE IT AT ALL everyone was so slow the lines were so long and the people manning the cash registers were SITTING DOWN WHAT IS THIS ANARCHY??? we literally had like fifteen items and we had to wait in line for like 30 minutes and when we got to one of the people to check out, it took like 7 years bc she was like half asleep or something????? like uh not in my american grocery store; we get in and we get out and we go home lol

also the oranges in brazil are green. im not lying. its the worst thing ive ever seen. i saw them at the grocery store and was like "oh look at those limes" but when i read the sign it was like "laranjas" and i was like no. these are not oranges. these are evil. not oranges.

check out these links my bro
the blueberry girl lol
giant avocado!!!!
pamonha ou maconha

our trip to brazil was super wild!! it was a lot of fun while we were there, but tbh i think we're all super glad to be back lol. i personally think that it's much more comfortable in my house than it was in the entire state of ceara.... but yeah!!! thanks for tuning in!! hope yall have a great fourth of july lol!!! in honor of that.... have an independence day themed cursed video and also ur biweekly cursed image!!!

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