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kablam it's ya girl cashew back up in the house!!! today is our sixth edition of fridays with friends, and today on the podcast, we've got interior designer claudia belzer!! she's an old friend of coco's (as all of our fridays with friends guests are lol), and she lives in san diego!! she used to live in colorado (yes lol..... yet another brazilian in the Colorado Squad Gang), but then she moved to florida!! a little while ago, she relocated her family to california!! she has an account on instagram, cb_studio_design.

claudia was born in a city called porto alegre, which is a city in the southernmost state of rio grande do sul. it's all the way by uruguay!! from what claudia told me, porto alegre actually got cold lol!! u don't rly hear about brazil getting cold, but since rio grande do sul is farther down in south america, it can get kinda chilly (kinda like argentina).

you know,,, claudia really opened my eyes to the interior design world. tbh i thought that interior design was just picking out items to make a space look all cute and pretty, yanno?? turns out that's not what it is !!! interior design is so much more than that. it involves meticulously crafting the environment to successfully make a person feel a certain way when they enter into your space. since claudia does interior design for healthcare facilities, she really has to work at that and make the spaces she creates feel unique and safe. idk about u!! but i find that mega interesting. 

for those you that are interested in claudia's antique kitchen contest entry, look here!!!

kachow links yall
pure michigan
claudia's website!!
i've fallen and i can't get up

so yeah!!!! that's our fridays with friends for this week !!! thank u for tuning in,,, and as always!! here's ur cursed image ;)

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