college who?

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YOTE its me cashew!! back at it again with the show notes!! since im the only one that does them lmao!!! sometimes i wonder if pea will ever make a comeback and actually do these but uhhhh nah i think she wont lol.... so ur stuck with me for the time being.... gl...

so we're like.... 21 days from the beginning of school and im????? terricited (terrified + excited)??????? im gonna be a senior in high school this year, and so far my classes are Superb, but just the fact that i'll be graduating this year is sooooo scary haha. im really excited for college and stuff, that whole experience, but uhhh its a big decision!!! and lord knows that im terrible at big decisions sajkgfl

speaking of big decisions.... it took me a long time to decide what i wanted to do as a career-- or at least what to go to school for. from about 1st grade to 5th grade i wanted to be a writer ssajgfkj.... and a singer, maybe. i dont really remember. i really liked writing and singing and stuff (still do!!! i write & sing too much for my own good), but when i started 6th grade, i went to this stem thing for girls and i was introduced to the world of ~scratch~ from then on!!! i really wanted to work in the computer science field.... all the way until maybe the start of my sophomore year. i deleted my scratch account a while back, so i dont have anything to show yall (sometimes i wish i hadnt...,., i often find myself wanting to look back lol)

during that time while i was on scratch, i met this one artist girl who really liked sonic, and i completely idolized her jkalshldfkg. she got me into sonic (ive played three (3) of the games, but i've only beat one), and she also got me into drawing. this was around late 2014, and from there my artistic journey began!!!!! when i started 10th grade, i took a java programming class for the sake of my computer science infatuation and i HATED IT it was THE WORST i DESPISED IT SO MUCH so then the computer science infatuation ended lol. i was still drawing and improving which was cool!!! 

since we're on the subject of my...... bad old sonic art.... i have some and i'll sacrifice a little of my dignity to show you these cursed images.

showing you those images was physically painful i hope you enjoyed that

now that im a senior, ive more or less made up my mind about going to into college to major in digital illustration (possibly gonna minor in performing arts while im at it!!!) because art is something that im really passionate about,, and i hope that it'll make my future career awesome and super enjoyable!!!! i hope that yall have a passion thats making ur career awesome and super enjoyable <3

kablam linkz
my art account...... that has no Bad Sonic Art

so yeah!!! thats that!! here's ur cursed image... as always

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