friday with lisa

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hey yall!! we're back with fridays with friends!!! today we've got coco's friend and yoga teacher, lisa, to talk to us!!! she owns b inspired yoga studio in batesville, indiana and she is actually the chillest person ever ngl??? and i've met a lot of chill people lol. she's the first friend that we've gotten on the podcast that hasn't been friends with coco when we lived in colorado, so she's the first (and only lol) member of the Indiana Squad Gang hahaha

her yoga studio has an instagram (@binspiredyoga) so go check that out too!!!

yanno as coco and i were talking with lisa, i was really getting a mangala vibe from her!!! if yall remember, mangala was our first fwf guest, and she also practiced yoga, but not to the extent of lisa, since lisa is like Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire lol. i don't think any of our other fwf guests have talked about doin yoga, but what i really know is that coco reeeeally loves it, which is cool i guess haha. it never really was for me (i cant stand being still like that-- holding poses that hurt :( i'd rather be still watching tv or something lmaooo) even tho i tried super hard to like it for coco's sake oof. but you know!!! everyone to their own, right? 

if do chose to try yoga just make sure you follow the teacher's instruction to prevent injuries and remember that yoga is for everybody and all body types but if a pose does feelsright, take it easy and dont hurt yourself.


so yeah lol!!!! hope yall enjoyed this week's super chill fwf segment!!! have urselves a nice day!!!! as always.... here is ur cursed image

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