happy or not, here we come

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wow omg hi yall!!!! im cashew and welcome to the almost-but-not-really 20th episode lol

so omg my friend glory keeps showing me characters from this anime called boku no hero academia and i was like "????????? nice idk who these people are lol" but she always sends me pics of like......... mei?? hatsume?? and uhhhh kaminari or something and um. shinsou lmao,.,.,., i started watching boku no hero academia because of her just so i Would Know What She's Talking About and im on episode uhhh seven?? but i am yet to know the characters she likes rgashdkf..... the only characters that i like so far are uraraka and deku thanks for coming to my tedtalk

school starts in exactly one (1) week and im !!!! actually super excited.... i think...... i have a five class semester and screeee im pumped!! it's kinda sad that summer is Almost Nearly Over but i feel like once school starts up i'll.... finally be productive.....

hi i also think that buying clothes that are $20+ is ridiculous lol!!!!!! like bro. why do u need to buy a shirt thats like $79 like um. u coulda bought like 50 packages of ramen noodles with that kinda money but i mean lol. u do u i guess whatever makes u happy yanno

⇣ kachow kablam check out these, my man 
the picture from that Church Function
kinda nervous clenched teeth emoji lol
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 m's in my bank account
my pinterest boards lmao
i can see your voice - joseph busto

so ya!!! that's all !!! here's ur cursed image!!! thanks for listenin yall!!!

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