friday with cinthia

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GUYS HI ITS ME CASHEW AND THIS IS THE 20TH EPISODE !!!! can u believe !!!! i sure can't lol..... we've been doin this podcast for abt five months now and we've finally reached this milestone!!!!! sure, 20 isn't exactly the biggest number lol but i feel like time has been moving so fast u know !!!

today on the podcast we gotta cool guest!!! her name is cinthia and she's basically an All Time Professional in essential oils, which btw coco is totally in love with lol. cinthia aint really got a lot of social media but she does have a facebook!! she's part of the Colorado Squad Gang, as most of the guests on our show are lol

cinthia was actually the first person that introduced my mom to essential oils!!! thats either the worst or the best thing thats ever happened to our family, but like lol.... we use essential oils all the time its pretty wild!!! i dont use them as often as my mom does (bc lowkey idk if i believe in it yanno.... like.... what... its oil how is it gonna help me??? but sometimes it helps me idk its so weird i dont know my stance on it), but sometimes i diffuse some Nice Scented Stuff in my room n things

links!! kachow!!

so ya!!! we aint really got much else for yall today!!! but look forward to our episodes for next week wink wink ;) as always smooch... heres ur cursed image!!!

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