getting physical

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kablam its me cashew!!! welcome back to the show notes ;)

what i really wanted to know if anyone smells the... outside smell. like the smell that u smell when someone comes back inside from being outside and they smell like burnt pennies and wood ???????? i really hate that smell its weird and gross and not appealing whatsoever, but idk i dont know if anyone else actually smells what im talking about lol!!!!

so im pretty sure that yall know that we're kinda-sorta-almost vegan because of coco. tbh i rly!!! don't much like being vegan. eating is so. difficult nowadays and having to nitpick through every other food to try and find something i can eat absolutely kills the whole vegan thing for me. besides, we only just started being vegan out of the blue??? and it's been really difficult for me to adjust so lol. as soon as i have the chance, im going back to how i used to be: a Kool Pescatarian Kid

so last year i did this uhh recreational volleyball thing with pea and it was fun!! at first i really didn't like it bc u know..... i hate..... physical activity i'd much rather be inside watching boku no hero academia or something lol!!! turns out im actually kinda decent at volleyball, so i think im gonna do it again this year. one of my friends might be doing it as well so that'll be fun!!! last year we were the overall point champs and we placed second in the tourney so B)) maybe this year we can Truly Dominate

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let's get physical
it's not on the budget
who let wren out?

so ya!!!! that's all for this episode!!! as always!! heres ur cursed image of the day :D

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