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yo yo yo everyone !!!! it's me cashew and im back at it again with the show notes !! whas poppin yall!! hope ur day has been goin pretty well so far, ya? i started school a lil while ago, and the month is almost over wow ??? next month is coco's birthday, cashew's birthday, and a bunch of other tiny activities which is fun !!!!

my mom has always told me that once i graduate from high school, she'll take me (and by extension, pea as well lol) to any place in the world for my senior trip!! for the longest time it was going to be japan because for the past two years ive been taking japanese, but this year im taking spanish 2 because of.... weird scheduling things. by the time the year is out, my japanese will be suuuuuper rusty, so i decided!!! that once i graduate im gonna visit the uk!!! which is gonna be super cool im pretty hyped for that (the other option was canada, but london sounds far more interesting haha)

one of the cool things that's happening next month is that coco is goin all the way to italy for two weeks!!!! it's gonna be so cool and so much fun for her, since she's going for her 40th birthday celebration!!!! which is suuuper epic !!! yall better follow our instagram & facebook for all the cool updates!!

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