friday with brian and bart

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hey yall!!!! whas happening!!! we're back for another edition of fridays with friends!!! today we've got some cool dudes on the show with us!! their names are brian and bart, and theyre the hosts of the bart & brian show on youtube!! one half of the duo is part of the Colorado Squad Gang (brian) and the other half is a new friend that coco has met recently!! their families are our cruise buddies (well.... lol.... when we went on cruises sadfa i dont think we're going on any anytime soon because life is absolutely Hectic) and they live in sweet ol florida

the video on the left (if ur on the computer haha) is bart and brian's most listened to episode!! in their podcast, they talk about a lot of controversial topics like abortion, immigration, obesity, etc.... etc....... its way more different than confessions of coco nuts, thats for sure lol.

and also !!! for the record!! the bart and brian show isn't exactly for everyone sadfjakjl there's some strong language and some of the topics aren't for people who are Easily Offended, you feel me

la la la linkssssss
you either kill yourself or get killed

so yeah yall!! thas been our show for today!! don't forget to subscribe to us and the bart and brian show on your way out ;) and as always!!! here's ur cursed image !!

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