friday with nathan

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hey everyone!!! it's been a while since i've done one of these show note pages.... and its been even longer since we've had fridays with friends!!! since coco's gotten back from her trip in italy, things have been settling down, and we've been just Chillin for the past couple weeks (or........ at least as much chillin as we can get in LOL my life is crazy atm) but!!!! for this week, we've got coco's friend and financial adviser, nathan, with us on the podcast today!!! coco met him at church on fire batesville, the church we currently attend, and he's like..... the dude my mom goes to for every money question she has, which is cool, i guess lol

besides nathan, The Real Instigator of the whole budget thing, was dave ramsey........ let me tell you........ that guy ruined my life (jk........... maybe.....). he wrote this book called like. total money makeover or sumn and my mom found it at the library, and for the First Time In Her Life she decided that she wanted to read so LOL she read the book and was like "WOW this is a thing" and then life went on from there u_u

so u know guys..... my mom had this Nice Fancy Bmw before she started the Total Money Makeover™ and like...... she really liked BUT I DIDNT LOL it was so uncomfortable and i was like 😬😬 no sir i didnt like that car u_u the only thing that was nice about it was the heated back seats which were 10/10 but otherwise...... nah. while doin the money makeover tho!! my mom was like "u_u this car is too expensive to drive...... gotta sell it.... u_u" so she did sad face but then she got a Nice New Honda Accord Or Whatever which was COOL !!!! i cant say its any more comfortable than the bmw and it dont have heated seats BUT its still nice and good and fresh u know

↓ yeet this link yall 
nathan's insurance agency

SO YEAH we out here!!!! here's ur guys Cursed Image As Per Usual haha

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