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hey hey hey!!! it's me cashew!! it's been a while since i've done one of these fancy show note doodads and i'm glad to be back!!! i've also amassed a large amount of cursed images that i'm.... very excited to share... hehe......

u know it's kinda funny lately that my mom has literally No Idea about any of the stan twitter language that i use HAHA i don't even have twitter and it's just rubbed off on me through my friends and stuff that i've seen on instagram. one of the really iconic ones that i say a lot is "thank you kanye, very cool" and its HILARIOUS??? i use it a lot when i'm very unimpressed with what someone (usually coco LOL) has to say it's a very versatile phrase imo

LOL so my mom like. hates my eating habits and how i only Eat When I'm Hungry and skip a lot of meals depending on how focused i am with what i'm doing and i'm just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this just how it be around here..... i have this really small appetite so i find that i can go a really long time with eating little to nothing which is either a blessing or a curse i'm still not sure

also u know like after i finished painting my room, i put a bunch of books in boxes so we could donate them, and when i was done i put the boxes in the garage so my mom could take them. the other day.. bruv i went out there and wren freakin PEED ON THE BOXES i can't believe it it's ridiculous. he's so awful all the books are ruined im actually really upset about it ://

dab dab links kachow
wash your hands

so thas all for today my good dudes.... here's that cursed image i've been waiting to share for like. two months

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