karma's a son of a gun

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hey hey hey guys!!! it's me cashew, back at it again with them epic show notes (dab dab) this week is thanksgiving, and if you're anything like me, that means that it's the perfect time to sit, relax, and do absolutely NOTHING lol. it's one of those really chill holidays with my family, and even tho we toil endlessly to make all the food, it's really fun and nice in the end

so like yall!!! we're goin to new york for new year's and it's gonna be suuuuuper epic (its gonna be freakin cold but u know!!! new york!!!!) idk exactly all the cool stuff we're gonna do yet but i know that we're gonna walk around and revisit some things that we saw the last time we went to new york.... which was like.... 30 yrs ago LOL

you know... so coco says that her favorite holiday is new year's, and while i'm thinking about that, i think about all the things that're gonna happen next year!!!! next year we're gonna be in new york, then we're gonna go to chicago (to see hamilton!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!) for my birthday, then shortly after that i'm graduating (!!!!!!), then i'm going to have my graduation trip to england (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then... oh my god.... after the summer is over... im going to be a college student

i think coco is definitely right about 2019 being a great year. im literally SHAKING thinking about it and the prospect of all!! the!! cool!! things!! that are gonna happen is sooooo exciting DANG

kachow links
karmas a binch....

but yeah!!! that's all for todays show notes <3 as always! here's your cursed image ;) have a great thanksgiving everyone!!!

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