end of the year happenings

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hey yall!!!! wb to the show notes on this fine december day!! hope you guys are doin well... bc im freezing all of my extremities off its absolutely insane im near dead i Do Not Like The Cold Weather

speakin of that!!! christmas is comin up in the next 20 days!!! which is crazy!!!! im totally not prepared. i only bought four christmas gifts and i need to buy six more LOL but i dont have enough money rn... im trying to work more so i can get more money to finish up buying gifts but like. payday is so far away i dont want to wait all the way until friday

do yall remember that how i said that i wanted to go to london for my graduation trip? ya i lied i changed my mind just this sunday LOL i was standing in the asian foods aisle at the grocery store and i was like "h...... ramune..... pocky.... other japanese delicacies i am yet to try....." so yeah i changed my mind right then and there in the middle of kroger so love that i guess lol!!! i gotta polish up my japanese tho.... i've lost a lot of my vocab since i started doing spanish this year :///

and while we're on the topic of spanish!!! the first semester of school is almost done!!! the 19th is my last day, and i have three more classes to finish eeeeek... im planning on finishing my spanish course this week and get started on finishing up ap language and composition (disgusting) before finishing up with us government sakjdfsadk im pretty busy-- not even taking my college applications into account!!! i have two deadlines this month: one today, and one on the ninth so !! that's gonna be really eventful

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friday with lisa

are yall's decembers as crazy and busy as mine bc of the holidays and school and stuff?? it must be absolutely insane if your decembers are anything like mine lol... but as always!! here is ur biweekly cursed image ♡ have a great day!!!

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