follow-unfollow nonsense

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hey!! it's me, cashew, again! i'm pretty sure that a lot of you reading were somehow redirected from some sort of social media platform, and in this episode, that's exactly what coco and i were talking about! well,,, not being redirected from social media, but the whole idea of social media itself and that one really annoying strategy that a lot of people use: follow/unfollow.

yeah, i already know what you're thinking. the method is kinda gross (see figure a: judge judy eye roll gif), and i personally hate it with a fiery passion that is probably unknown to mankind.

my mom joined instagram way, way back. she had it all the way before they let you post videos (which was back in june 2013, if you didn't know lol), and she had never really seen the whole f/uf strategy used before. that's prolly because she had a personal account and stuff, not a business one (and business accounts weren't available until like august 2014). but ever since she and i started my laurenmara_vilha account,,,, we've been seeing this all the time.

apparently,, a lot of the people who f/uf use bots. we're Exposing them. since bots are against the instagram guidelines if you didn't know 🔪 we're on your case bot-users 🔪 we're gonna Expose You All 🔪 you've been Caught 🔪 watch out >:(

also, for the record, my mom says she doesn't eat fish, but that doesn't mean that i don't eat fish either. catch me eating sushi while she's eating her salads B))

do any of yall wanna come with me to ikea to look at nice aesthetic plates and stuff because if you are, i'm totally down owo

 linky bajinkies 
why you shouldn't use f/uf - coffee with summer
npr oyster article
mushroom bacon
that one post that pea did
that one post of food on our stove
tell us about how long it took you to plate your food bowl

so hey !! yeah !! that's all for this episode's show notes ;)) for now, have a instagram-related meme ;)) i made it myself be proud of me pls

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