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Hi guys! It's me again, Pea. So I couldn't think of something more fashion forward than to put as the banner my favorite pattern ever! I love, love, love, the floral pattern and I have so many floral things like dresses, socks and blankets. I just love it so much! So yes, without further ado, let's move on into this episodes show notes!

So before I begin, I would like to tell you guys about this other thing that I really love. I love to crochet and to create cool things out of the yarn. So I started creating this blanket and it is actually really big. Then I started to make this teddy bear that I finished like a day ago. So yes I love to crochet and you will know more about me and my projects later! So now, lets dive into the show notes for real this time!

In this episode Coco and Cashew are SUPPOSED to be talking about fashion and beauty but they never stay on topic. 

Anyway, in the beginning of the podcast, Cashew shares the kind of clothes that she likes and how Coco thinks that her clothing preferences are weird. ( I think they are unique but just fine... in case you were wondering. ) One thing the Cashew really likes to wear are these fake glasses. I do think that they are really cute but I think that she wears them too much.

I remember when I was really young I would love to try on fake glasses at places like Claire's and sometimes even Walgreens. ( Also, I learned recently that Claire's and Toys R Us have said that they were going to file for bankruptcy. )

Speaking of people's clothing likings, Coco really likes this one type of shoe that looks kind of like men's dress shoes. I am okay with this completely but what I am not okay with is that she has four very similar shoes.

When we go shopping she always uses the excuse "But I don't have anything like this!" when she wants but doesn't need something. So because she keeps using this line on herself, she keeps buying the same type of shoe even though I tell her that she does have many shoes that are like them. But knowing Coco, she would get mad at me and tell me that it's her decision and in the end, she ends up buying the shoes.

If you aren't completely comprehending what I am trying to covey, I am trying to say that COCO HAS SO MANY OF THE EXACT SAME SHOE!

She has this one from Slate + Vine that she just bought and these she got sometime back and I got the picture from her instagram and closet


On a different note, there is this amazing company called EVER and they have a wide range of organic products for acne prone skin and just products that you can use just to keep your face feeling hydrated and refreshed. You can click here to go to the website and you can get 10% off your purchase! 

 That's all I have for you guys today and I am so happy that you guys tuned in to the episode's show notes!



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