when life gives you limes...

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hey !! it's cashew !!! pea was supposed to do the show notes this time lol but she was too lazy so here i am...

for the record, i'm,,, always tired. there is literally no such thing as not being tired for me for some reason ???? i'm so bad at sleeping, and no matter what time i go to bed at night, i still wake up at like... 8 am every morning. it's terrible and i want to throw my bed across the room half of the time. my mom has tried like,, everything to help me sleep but nothing's working ;//// y'all gotta any advice? leave some stuff on our form if you've got any tips!!! 

i have an italian friend named glory and she lives in croatia. she has literally 15 subjects in school???????? idk about y'all but im american and i only have six. in my entire school career, i've only had about eight at the max and it??? astonishes me that someone can actually handle 15 subjects in a day(?) and not just keel over dead. she tried explaining her school system to me, but then i got very confused and insisted that we change the subject to something fandom related.

my mom has always confused limes and lemons. we'll go to the grocery store or something, and she'll call one the other and then i just get all around confused and it makes everyone question reality.

also !!! prom was last weekend and i did in fact do my nails !!! pictures are here (sorta lol) owo

back in ninth grade, i really liked anime (i still like anime, but it's super lowkey bc i never find the time to actually go and watch it lol). people always thought i was weird ???? for liking anime ???? and they always thought that my friends were weird too because they liked anime???? my mom was sorta in the same boat when she was younger because she liked america and was fascinated by the english language, so she was bullied :/// a lot :/// which is not cool ;/// i wish that everyone could just get along and be respectful towards people, no matter what they're into or their opinions.

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from now on, i think i'm just going to put weird stock photos at the end of these so B)) have a nice day y'all

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