friday with yami

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hey guys!! it's cashew B)) welcome back to fridays with friends !!! this friday, we're going to be talking to one of coco's really good friends from her Ye Olde Colorado Dayz,,, her name is yami (pronounced jyami lol), and on instagram, she goes by @iamaworld! she's a big time traveler and photographer (just like mangala lmao thinking emoji) based in new york city.

we went to visit her a while back, in about 2011. it was the middle of winter and it was absolutely freezing im pretty sure i left my soul in new york city bc it was so cold. my mom says that we were "cool kids" because she and yami were taking pea and i everywhere and we weren't complaining, and i couldn't help but snort bc yanno,,,, cold weather,,,, cool kids,,,,,, hehe,,,,,,,,

yami is a pescatarian, as we were at one point lol !!! coco is tryna go all "super vegan healthy woman who doesnt eat fish or cheese or any of the good things that taste good" and im >:((( not having it at all >:(((( give me my fish >:(((( and my cheese >:((((

yami also takes a lot of pictures !!!! i feel like she's just like mangala in that aspect, and she's really really really good at photography. her pictures are so pretty and her instagram gallery is so nice like !!!!!!! what a big oof !!!!!

check out some of yami's recent pictures below!!!

ok ok ok here's a random geek moment for me here lol just bear with me rn !!!!! yami was all talkin about how she doesn't like winter and stuff since she's from puerto rico, and as soon as she said that, i thought of hamilton (if yall know me, im super into musicals aaa) and how he's from the caribbean yanno? i've seen a lot of fanart where he's Hating The Snow and The Cold because he's not used to it asjkdfa just wanted to geek for a second lmao

yami has traveled all over the world!! she told us that she's traveled to over 50 countries around the world !!!!!! she's encountered so many cultures and so many people along the way, and those connections have stuck with her all the way to the present. one thing that she encountered though, while traveling in asia, she discovered that a lot of people were burping lol ???? i read somewhere (a long time ago) that, in some countries, burping is a sign to your host that you're satisfied. after doing a little google searching!! i found this (see left as well owo)!!! there are a lot of table manners around the world that are pretty interesting if you think about it [insert thinking emoji here]. apparently ur not supposed to cut your salad in france or something lol

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yami's second account
the weather in nyc on 11.2011
european visa policies
look at how pretty iceland is

so yeah guys!! that's a wrap for our second edition of fridays with friends!! here's your random stock photo/cursed image as your gift for being cool B)))

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