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!! hey y'all B)) its me, cashew, once again! for some reason it seems that pea has ghosted her responsibilities as a show notes writer, so you're going to see me a lot more often now 

soon, we're gonna go to brazil in late may!!! it's gonna be a lot of fun and i'm really excited :00!! we've gone to brazil a couple times before this year, and this time we're gonna go to manaus!! we're going to go to this,,,, ecopark in the amazon rainforest and it's going to be ACTUAL FIRE i cannot wait. we're probably going to post a bunch about it on our instagram owo

so for my senior trip thing!! i've got a lot of different places that i'd like to visit, but i can't really decide where i want to go once i graduate. originally, the plan was to go to japan since i'm taking japanese as my language course, but because of some annoying scheduling things :(( i cant take japanese 3.... so i have to take spanish 2...... so that's gonna be fun..... not really..... but !!!! i sort of want to go abroad to europe (or..... maybe canada..... because yall know how much i like canada.....) but i have to think about it a lil more :0000

OKAY SO-- as a kid back in colorado, i would watch suze orman ALL THE TIME with coco. literally. i grew up with the "can i afford it?" segment and i literally CACKLED every single time she denied someone i'm telling you the woman's an icon

like i dont even understand. some of y'all grew up on disney channel and nickelodeon but Not Me lol i grew up watching the icon suze orman like.... boye.... get on my level... wanna talk to me about retirement plans... and 401k's... hit me up bc i Know About It B))

real time guys!! we've opened a donate page here on the website! we work really really really really hard on this podcast and it takes up... so much of our time (literally today i was going to play sims after i finished my schoolwork but then i remembered i had podcast work to do lol). we would very much appreciate it if you guys considered helping us out 

financially!! its a great way to show your support for us and it helps us put out more content (+ do some cool stuff that we could document and share... winks)!!

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coco's hiking trip last year
just like old times............
total money makeover by dave ramsey
hey girl ;)

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